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PostSubject: Vixen   Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:46 am

Account Name: Mebu

Name: Unkown
Nickname: Vixen
Age: 18
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125 pounds
Reputation: 0
Class: D
Affiliation: 8 Mages of Ragnarok

Physical Description: She has perfect, tan skin. Her body is what most girls dream of having. Long, silk black hair and alluring dark blue eyes.
Clothing: Purple silk top that goes down to her belly button and is loose the lower it goes from the straps. She also wears a loose purple silk dress bottom.
Accessories: None
Extra: None

Personality Vixen is a very flirtatious, power hungry girl. She loves people who are strong and likes to play mind tricks. She loves making drama, confusion, and playing the damsel in distress. She likes one man, but since she can't have him, she tries to make him jealous. She is not afraid to reveal her body or make love to others. She thinks it's fun actually. Some may call her sluttish, but she doesn't care. She likes to play with her prey and make them suffer. She is not afraid to kill a person, and usually uses assassination to do it, though she does it in a different, more physical manner. She absolutely hates it when she is turned down or does just not get her way.

History Growing up, Vixen was what people would call a spoiled little brat. She got everything she wanted, but when her parents finally had enough of it, they stopped spoiling her. The more and more she didn't get what she wanted, she finally snapped. She killed her parents and set off on her own. She learned plant magic on her own and was able to use it to get what she wanted. But soon, it wasn't enough, she wanted more power, she wanted more and more. She had an insatiable desire.

When in a village incognito, she fell in love with a man. He took her virginity and she was just fifteen. Though one day, he betrayed her. She found him kissing a woman at the bar, she slaughtered them and everyone in there, walking out covered in blood.

One day, a member of Ragnarok found her. He told her about how she could get anything she wanted by joining them. How he could make her stronger. She quickly agreed to this and from then on, spent her time in the academy. She fell in love with a man there, but he had no interest in her, and yet, she couldn't seem to kill him. He blocked everything she tried, but still she couldn't get him.

Weaponry A green whip approximately fifteen feet in length.

Stats - 45
Strength: 5
Accuracy: 7
Stamina: 5
Speed: 8
Magic: 10 [20]

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Scales Earned 100,000/100,000


Magic Name: Plant Magic
Magic Tier:
Magic Type: Alluring
Rank: 1
Magic Description: Plant Magic is a type of magic over the life of plants, such as trees, grass, etc. It is also a magic that deals with one's senses, being able to allure, confuse, halucinate, paralyze, poison, and put people to sleep.
Techniques: 2/2

Alluring Kiss - 1
Type: Hypnotic
Range: Anyone who she kisses that is attracted to women.
Effect: It puts people who she kisses in a trance, making them her slaves. As of yet, she can only keep one slave at a time. It is resistable to those not attracted to women as well as those who truly love another that they are ordered to attack. The person is a slave until they are released, snap out of it, or she dies.

Thorn Whip - 1
Type: Offensive
Range: 15 feet
Effect: She can either form thorns on her own whip or summon a new whip covered in thorns. If she creates the whip with thorns, plant life have to be around and it's not as strong as her original whip.

Misc None

House: None
Companion: Shadow, Zero, Mercury, Light, Pyro,

Theme Song:

Kazuki Shikimori • None • Aura Sight, Sphere Blast • Reputation: 4 • SP: 5/60 • Scales: 350,000 • Location: Moon Town

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PostSubject: Re: Vixen   Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:04 am


Current Master: Midnight Moon
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Disposition to Master: Doubtful
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