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Wise Cat

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PostSubject: Lucky   Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:51 pm

Account Name: Wise Cat

Name: Wrath
Nickname: "Lucky" (the name he normally goes by)
Age: 3
Race: Exceed
Gender: Male
Height: 37cm
Weight: 4kg
Reputation: 0
Class: D
Affiliation: Neutral

Physical Description: Lucky is an Exceed so he is looking like a cat. He has pink skin but that is covered by black smooth fur. Just like any other human he has a pair of legs which let him walk on two legs like elves, humans and that alike. He also has a pair of hands which is quite logical. Lucky has very good ears with what he is able to pick up sound away from him rather easily. Like every cat he aswell has whiskers. Lucky has red underbelly and tail-end, speaking of tail it is rather long and Lucky uses it quite often. He has red nose and red eyes, his left eye looks quite normal but right one doesn't. Just like every Exceed he can grow wings for himself, in his case they are black.
Clothing: N/A
Accessories: Lucky doesn't have much clothing. Only a gray eye-patch covering his right eye.
Extra: His right eye pupil is different and resembles that of a beast. It is still red though. When that eye can see Lucky somewhat goes mad, that was the thing that gave him his real name "Wrath".

Personality Lucky is rather happy cat. He is almost always flying around all happy and learning new things. He is very smart and wise cat, knowing almost every person who has earned some reputation (5+) in Biso Kingdom. He is very fond of knowledge. It is rather easy for him to pick it up thanks to his magic so of course he knows about other things aswell, like famous people, about herbs, healing and things like that. His is very fond of fish which is also his favorite food. He is willing to do almost anything for the fish, mostly giving information and all. His catchphrase is "Aye!" which he sometimes uses in little awkward situations. He can come up with somewhat inappropriate replies making him somewhat comical character at sometimes. When a fight brakes out he usually escapes. Lucky acts more like a supportive character rather than a fighter.
Lucky knows about Extalia's plans as he remembered it the moment he was born, he doesn't want to help them though and only collects information because he likes it.

When his right eye should be uncovered he somewhat attains a split personality. His split personality is rather evil and then he only wants to fight with everyone. He almost goes crazy and is very power hungry. When fighting he doesn't posess a right attack pattern and relies on his instincts. Because of this personality he was first named "Wrath" but then renamed to "Lucky" after they had discovered about the thing. His split personality doesn't attack the people who had became close to Lucky but hates those who have somehow damaged Lucky's body or hurt his feelings. Wrath has rather stupid dream which is to help Extalia to conquer the world and then it away from them becoming a rules of the world himself.

History About 3 years ago Exceed gathered 100 cat eggs, taking them away from they parents. Extalia sent them on Dragiona all around the world to gather information about humans, werewolves, vampires and the kind. One of those eggs was Lucky who landed in Biso Kingdom East Continent. After safely landing his egg was picked up by little mysterious old man who was also wise and strong. The man wanted to make an omlet once he reached home but his plans were ruined because at the moment when Wise Man wanted to fry him Lucky's eggshell started cracking.

Although old man's plans were ruined he calmly waited for the egg to hatch and see what was inside. He might have gotten little surprised though when angry cat came out and attacked him the moment he could, always trying to kill the old man no matter how many times his plans were ruined. That is why the old man named him “Wrath” at first. After some time when Wrath had lived there they discovered that If his right eye would be covered his personality would change aswell. Wise one thought that it was little rude to always go calling him Wrath so he decided to give him other name also, Lucky.

Lucky grew very attached to the old man. They ate together, played together, read books together, changed ideas, Lucky was always with the wise man. After seeing how interested Lucky was in gaining knowledge he decided to teach him magic called Archive. Lucky didn't take his time learning it and was able to master it rather quickly. After few months he had became 2 the old man caught a terrible sickness which was uncurable. The old man passed away, leaving Lucky alone. The cat dug him a grave and buried him. Lucky was sad for a lot of time but then decided to go around the wide world and start exploring. After a year he had gained many experience, also learning a lot about the world.

Weaponry N/A

Stats - 35
Strength: 5
Accuracy: 5
Stamina: 5
Speed: 10
Magic: 6 (10+2)

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Scales Earned 100,000/100,000


Magic Name: Archive
Magic Tier: 3
Magic Type: Knowledge Magic
Rank: 1
Magic Description: Archive magic is quite useful magic for those who seek out knowledge. It allows to take knowledge from other people's simply by touching them or an item they had touched at least 1 hour ago. He doesn't neccecary need to extract all the information his target has, rather he can sort it and only take neccecary one. He can also share his knowledge with others but for that he doesn't need to touch the person and can do it from quite huge range.
This technique isn't just to get steal information from other persons though. By touching mages he can also extract their techniques into his head. He can't use them himself and needs to give the technique information to someone other by touching them who is then forced to use the technique. So basically it works like, first Lucky goes and touches a mage, extracting their magic ability info. Gets a technique (ex: Water Lock) and then goes touches other person, giving him the info how to use water lock who is then forced to do it. They can only do it once so they can't keep on using the technique.
Techniques: (2/2)

Download - 1
Type: Supportive
Range: Close
Effect: One of most basic techniques of Arhicve magic. Simply by touching a person Lucky can extract information from his/her brain, downloading it to himself. He doesn't neccecaryly take all the information the user has, rather he can sort it and only extract neccecary info like, „Magical Abilities“; „People he knows“ and things like that... simple.

Upload - 1
Type: Supportive
Range: 50 Meters
Effect: One of most basic techniques of Arhicve magic. Lucky can give information to other people. Unlike with Download he can do it by being away from the target. He can upload the information he wants and doesn't neccecarily upload all the information he knows. Uploading all his knowledge would strain the one getting information mentally since normally their brain can't handle it all.He doesn't necceracily upload the information he has downloaded.
This technique also gives him to talk with people telepathically, the others can't talk back to him though if not knowing some sort of telepathy magic.



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PostSubject: Re: Lucky   Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:25 pm

Approved. As stated, he will not be able to use his magic very frequently because it's rather powerful.

Current Master: Midnight Moon
Current State: Active
Current Mana: 10%
Current Emotion: Indifference
Disposition to Master: Doubtful
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