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PostSubject: Pain   Thu Jul 08, 2010 3:55 am

Account Name: Mebu

Name: Unknown
Nickname: Pain
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 183 pounds
Reputation: 0
Class: D
Affiliation: 1st Mage of Ragnarok

Physical Description: Pain has a hard, muscular body for a mage, though he seems to be pale. He has blood red, glowing eyes and crimson hair that usually is covered in fresh blood. His hair is mainly short, yet medium length and wild. His sideburns are a little long and random sections of the back of his hair are long and braided. They are held together by little golden metal objects which he can store blood in.
Clothing: He wears no shirt, all he ever wears is blood stained black pants with a red cloth object around his waist connecting to a metal buckle-like object.
Accessories: Blood Casings attachec to the ends of certain strands of long, braided hair.
Extra: Tatoos on his stomach in a strange symbol that stands for Pain in ancient script.

Personality Pain seems like a very simple man. He plainly loves to kill, he loves to spill someones blood. He really hates to talk, he would rather just get straight to the action. It is very difficult to try and persuade him once he wants something. And only one person has been known to stop his bloodlust and control him, and that person is Scar, leader of the 8 mages of ragnarok. There is no known good side to Pain. All that is known is that he loves to fight, he hates talking, he loves to spill blood, and he hates Scar, yet respects him at the same time. He joined Ragnarok only for his own personal gain. To spill the blood of the King. He hates the king more than anyone.

History Pain was born in the mountains. Beleive it or not, he actually was a friend of the Mebu brothers, but one day, when his village wasn't able to pay their taxes to the King, the King's Soldiers were sent. His people were plundered and killed, the women and girls were raped. His own mom was raped right in front of him. She was then killed and the soldier turned to him. He was only six years old at the time, but he tried to fight the soldiers.

As the soldier rose his sword, his arms suddenly fell to the ground. His head was suddenly decapitated and blood had covered Pain. A large man with a halberd stood behind the man. His body was covered in the blood of the soldiers. His cold eyes met the eyes of Pain's. The man spoke a few words and suddenly Pain's hair and eyes became a deep, dark blood red. He had lost his memory from whatever the man had done. After his transformation was complete, Pain passed out.

Pain awoke the next day, laying in a pool of the soldier's blood. He had no memory of who he was or where he was from. But he had an odd feeling. Being surrounded in death, blood everywhere. He felt comfortable and happy, yet confused at the same time. Pain began wandering the mountains. Each village he came to ended up a bloody ghost town, only bodies laying in the streets.

He was only eight years old and was already in the South Continent. He never left someone alive in the villages to let word get out. But how could a little kid kill so many? It was simple. From the knight, he had this... technique that allowed him this berserk form. By taking this form he became something similar to a monster. He killed without hesitation.

He made his way to the southern continent because something kept calling out to him, something told him the go deep into the deadly forest. And one day, when he was twelve, he met a man in a black cloak. The man smiled at him and offered him salvation, but Pain just attacked, suddenly the man lowered his cloak and Pain stared into the eyes of something that seemed so similar to him, though he could not remember. Pain passed out once again.

Pain awoke in a room with a kid. He had a large scar on him and for some reason, he was able to control Pain. Pain tried everything he could to attack, but somehow the kid held back that part of him. The kid seemed around Pain's age, but Pain could not move his body. He was staring right into the kids eyes, the kid had control over his body from his mind. The kid gave him an offer of killing a man that took everything from him. And that's when Pain's mother flashed before his eyes. He had seen that woman dead where he awoke. The kid told him what happened and then Pain agreed, only on two conditions. Noone gets in the way of his fights and the king is his to kill.

Ever since Pain has been with Ragnarok, and when Scar formed the Eight Mages of Ragnarok, Pain was inducted as the First Mage of Ragnarok. Scar was the leader, so he became known as the Sage.

Weaponry Kilij [D] - A Kilij is a one handed, close range sword. It was a favorite of Vlad the Impaler, who is the person who we now know as Dracula. A Kilij is a black bladed sword that curves close to the end and is weighted in the end.
Kilij -

Stats - 45
Strength: 8
Accuracy: 5
Stamina: 6
Speed: 6
Magic: 10 (20)

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Scales Earned 100,000/100,000


Magic Name: Blood Magic
Magic Tier: 1
Magic Type: Blood
Rank: 1
Magic Description: Blood Magic is magic that deals with Blood Manipulation. It can go as far as a healing technique, or all the way to being so advanced as to control the blood in your own body or anothers. Though it is rare to be able to manipulate the blood inside a person's body, it is an S rank level magic and is only able to be done on those C rank and lower and those with no magic affinity at all. Blood Magic can also be used to increase a person's own body, making them stronger and faster.
Techniques: 2/2

Berserker - (1)
Type: Supportive
Range: Self
Effect: Berserker pumps the users blood, giving them a boost in speed and strength and stamina, as well as a stronger sense of awareness.

Stat Increase: Each stat (strength, speed, stamina, accuracy) get an increase from double the level of this tech. (Example: Berserk - (4) would mean that each of the stats get a stat increase of 8. Berserker - (10) would mean that each of the stats get a stat increase of 20.)

Blades of Blood - (1)
Type: Blood, Long Range, Offensive
Range: 30 feet
Effect: By gathering blood onto his kilij or any sharp object, he can slice it through the air and send the blood flying off of it, making the blood harden and sharpen into something as strong and sharp as a sword. It flies through the air as fast as an arrow and grows in size. (like Getsuga Tenshou from Bleach) It also can be used to produce claws of blood on the hands. Which can also be used to swing long distances.

Note: If Blades of Blood is used, new blood would have to be gathered because the blood used would be gone from what was used, making the weapon bloodless or the hand normal.


House: Ragnarok
Companion: Scar, Mercury, Shadow, Storm, Pyro, Vixen, Mirror, Zero.

Theme Song:


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PostSubject: Re: Pain   Thu Jul 08, 2010 3:29 pm

The only thing I'd want changed is the fact that knights plunder and rape villages. Change "knights" to "soldiers" at least. Stating no difference between thugs and nobles is a sore spot of mine.


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PostSubject: Re: Pain   Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:37 pm

My bad. I was very tired when I made the app. It's fixed now. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Pain   Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:37 pm

Now then, weapon first. It can't be as sharp as cut trough pig with one strike, well it could if you would have higher strength but anyways edit that fact since it is still a D rank weapon.

Change the another person's blood control a little. Edit it so it can control C rank or lower mages or those who don't posess magical ability (stat) at all.

The Blood Armour and Blood Pumping will have to be two separated techniques.

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PostSubject: Re: Pain   Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:30 pm

Ok. I'll fix that now. and I said the pig cutting thing because that's how the blades made. But I'll fix it. It was awesome in the Deadliest Warrior episode. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Pain   Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:50 am


Kirin Dreyar • Job: Roshio Gang: Beginning • Lightning Dragon Slayer • Reputation: 0 • SP: 69 • Scales: 1,150,000 • Location: Star Town
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PostSubject: Re: Pain   

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