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 Kai Beast [DELETED]

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PostSubject: Kai Beast [DELETED]   Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:28 am

Account Name: Lightning

Name: Kai Beast
Nickname: -
Age: 14
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Reputation: 7
Class: D
Affiliation: Neutral

Physical Description: Kai is boy who stands 164 cm tall and weights 56 kg. Because his magic is based much on close combat he has trained his body and now is somewhat muscular. He has black natural messy hair, even if he should cam it like 10 minutes in the row it wouldn't get straight. He has black eyes.
His appearance can vary as he is able to transform into beasts but more about that in Magic Section.
Clothing: Kai wears very simple clothing as he doesn't want to wear anything detailed because he can destroy his clothes in seconds while being in beast form. He wears a simple red west with 3 yellow buttons in the middle. He doesn't wear anything under it. Moving little below he wears blue short pants which are rolled up. Of course he wears underwear. He also wears sandals.
Accessories: N/A
Extra: Scar under his left eye which he gained in a fight at young age.

Personality Kai is rather friendly person. He treats person he knows quite well and always helps if they ask for it. He doesn't care much about people he doesn't know and only helps them if they do something for him, like help him out or just pay him some scales. Kai is rather greedy when it comes to money and never gives it away without a very good reason or when he just needs to buy things. The reason he is like that with money is because he and his family were really poor. His dream is rather stupid, he wishes that he would meet a dragon, eat piece of it and then transform into dragon so he would become most powerful mage there ever is. That was also his master's dream so he gets very angry when someone messes with his dream which usually leads to fight. He also gets very angry when someone's other dream is being stepped on, he is just the type of guy.

During the battle he isn't very kind and almost always goes all out. He doesn't care much about his opponent's safety nor his own safety. He just enjoys battles very much and while fighting he always has a big smile on his face, unless he fights with someone who has done something very bad though. He might sometimes even taunt a complete stranger so that would fight with him if he is very bored. Kai can often act little reckless, getting himself into dangerous situations. He likes it though and thinks that dangerous situations are thrilling. His favorite food is meat because if he eats different kind of meat he can get himself different types of transformations. He can also eat raw meat and hard things without any problem though.

History Kai was born in West Continent. He was born into very poor family with a father, mother and older sister. Their house was located in small village where being poor was normal. It was rather rough baby hood for Kai as he didn't get much food. His parents and his older sister loved him though and thus he only remembers good memories from his childhood. Because being poor all family members had to work very hard, so did Kai. He already started working when being 3 years old, he did very minor jobs though.

Although the times were rough and there wasn't much food for Kai's family to eat they all were able to stay alive. Although being very poor they were happy family, unlike some others in the village who were only sad because they didn't have money. When Kai was 7 years old he had already gotten physically quite strong. During the time a Mysterious Man came to their village who later, after some incidents became Kai's master.

The Mysterious Man was very strong and skilled in many types of magics. He started "healing" the village with it. Helping other people, giving them food, water, helping with works. Kai grew quite attached to the man and he was like an idol to him. The man also liked Kai quite much and they did quite a lot of things together. When Kai was 10 years old he couldn't even recognize the village. All people were happy, hard working. The village was surrounded by corp fields, everything had changed in those 3 years.

The man decided to leave the village though and move to another since he had to help other villages aswell. Kai joined up with him as they moved to next village. There the man started teaching Kai the Beast Take Over Magic. After some years they split up as the man said that Kai needed some experience traveling and seeing the world not just helping around in villages. He said that he will teach Kai another form of magic once he has master Beast Take Over. After that Kai started traveling.

- Shigure [C]

Stats - 94
Strength: 19 (16+3)
Accuracy: 6 (5+1)
Stamina: 12 (10+2)
Speed: 27 (23+4)
Magic: 20 (40)

Stat Points Earned: 0/49
Scales Earned 2,150,000/2,650,000

Meeting [Kai & Zarora & Lunar] - 3 SP
Exterminate Obadoro - 8 SP; 400,000 Scales
Beating Basics Into You - 2 SP
Wrom Hunting! - 9 SP; 250,000 Scales
Uncontrollable Things are a Pain - 6 SP; 200,000 Scales
Bye All! - 10SP; 1,500,000 Scales
Market Day - 6 SP
Grandpa's Sight - 5 SP; 200,000 Scales

Magic Name: Beast Take Over
Magic Tier: 3
Magic Type: Take Over Magic
Rank: 3
Magic Description: Kai's magic gives him the ability to "take over" the monster he has eaten a part of, like a nail or eye. It can be cooked or just eaten raw. After that he is able to transform his body parts into that of a beast, so if he should eat wolf's fur he could transform his limbs into wolf's ones. He can also transform his full body into that of a beast. He can also transform into other humans by eating part of their body.
Techniques: 6/7

Partial Take Over - 3
Type: Buff
Range: Self
Effect: This technique allows Kai to transform his body parts into one of a beast's. This is very basic and he can do it rather quickly but it isn't as effective as Full Body Take Over. It increases strength, speed and things like that in the transformed body part though, still making it useful during battle with weaker enemies. Of course he can't take over bigger and stronger monsters just with rank 3 but as it increases he can keep taking on stronger and stronger monsters. Currently he gains 3/10th of the form's abilities he has transformed into but it increases later on.

Full Body Take Over - 3
Type: Buff
Range: Self
Effect: This technique is quite similar to Partial Take Over. It allows Kai to transform fully into a beast. It is more advanced and harder to master than Partial Take Over but it is much more powerful. After the transformation is done his stats increase judging from the beast he transformed into. It takes some time to transform though as it's rank is only 3, making it dangerous to do it in the middle of a battle. Over the time he can do it more quicker though. Currently he gains 3/10th of the form's abilities he has transformed into but it increases later on.

Beast Forms



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Posts : 395
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PostSubject: Re: Kai Beast [DELETED]   Fri Jun 11, 2010 2:52 am

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Kai Beast [DELETED]
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