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 Nemui Kyuuketsuki [DELETED]

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PostSubject: Nemui Kyuuketsuki [DELETED]   Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:45 pm

Account Name: Rider

Name: Nemui Kyuuketsuki
Nickname: Specimen Number 8
Age: 17
Race: Scientifically Created Vampire
Gender: Female
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Reputation: 0
Class: D
Affiliation: Neutral

Physical Description: Nemui is fairy beautiful looking woman who stands 172 cm tall and weights 51 kg. Her body isn't very muscular, the appearance might be deceiving tough as she is fairy strong. She has rather white skin, it is very smooth but also cold. She has very long violet hair that reaches down to her fairly long boots, even future. The hair doesn't cover her eyes. Speaking of the eyes they are pinkish with a purple square pupil in the middle. Although being a vampire she doesn't always have fangs, she can transform her teeth to fangs. Her teeth are rather strange color, not exaxtly white but more like silver. Her nails are with sharp ending, short tough. She wears violet nail color, matching the color of her hair.
~Eyes turn yellow when using her mysterious eye magic. (Gained later.)
Clothing: Nemui wears rather simple clothing that she can put on very quickly. Starting from below she wears fairly long black boots with Violet lining. Moving above she wears black, rather simple dress. Just like the boots this one has violet lining aswell. Nemui also wears long tight clothing around her arms, that one has violet lining aswell. The Arm Cloth almost acts like a long glove but the hand is completely visible. Lastly she wears violet eye covers. They are always on. Because of her lazy nature she always sleeps and it irritates her a lot to move around not wearing them. (I won't role play taking them off until I get my eye magic). She even fights with them on because she has excellently developed senses.
Accessories: N/A
Extra: She has word "Sleeping" written on her forehead (in Japanese).

-"Let me sleep."

Nemui is very, very lazy person sleeping off most time of the day. She doesn't care much about what is happening around her, would it be that someone is getting killed or a house is burning. Nemui doesn't take on jobs often, actually she rarely does it, only when she needs money to buy some things as she gets food by drinking animals or humans blood. Even while being on job she sleeps half way trough it. It usually takes her a lot of time to finish one, not because she is slow but rather because she often falls asleep during job. She thinks that doing jobs is annoying.

Nemui isn't very friendly. She isn't the type who starts conversation and even if she would talk with someone she tries to end it as soon as possible, thinking that talking is a pain in the butt. She might even stop talking in the middle of a sentence, or maybe even word. What's funny about her is that she might even fall asleep during talking. Sometimes even when walking, falling asleep on her feet. She actually thinks that everything is pain in the butt, walking, talking, fighting, training. Only thing that she actually likes doing is sleeping.

When someone should wake her up while she is sleeping time she gets really mad, most of the times starting a fight. While fighting she normally wears her eye covers unless fighting with extremely strong opponent. She has developed a sense to basically "see" all around her even without using her eyes. She has hard time imagining what is happening in the air tough but can feel everything what is on the ground. While fighting she doesn't care about her opponent all, she has no hesitation hurting or even killing him/her, even if it should be a child. After defeating the opponent she normally drinks him/her try, getting her dummy full that way. Nemui has a habit of complimenting one's blood after getting a drop of it. She doesn't believe that she is the best tough and retreats when she thinks that she is overpowered.

History Nemui was born at one very little island that didn't have much people living on it. Nemui's mother left the house soon after she was born, leaving his father to take care of her. Nemui's father was named Tei. Tei did quite good job taking care of Nemui and they had very good time together. Once Nemui learned to walk they often started taking walks around the island, it all changed when young girl was 2 years old tough, the day when their island was attacked by group of dark mages.

Almost everyone on the island was slaughtered, including Tei. The only ones left alive were children under the age of 5 who Dark Mages took away, transporting them to another island, island where evil wizards resided. They stole the children because they tried to create a perfect fighting machine for their organization, trying to infuse one race's DNA with another race's. Children from Nemui's island weren't the only ones there. Dark Organization had stolen kids from a lot of different Islands. 95% of the children died during the experiment, only a handful survived including Nemui.
Their memories were deleted during the experiment so she only remembers the part after the experiment was a success.

Nemui now had human's and vampire's DNA. During the experiment her personality had completely changed aswell. She had became emotionless puppet for the organization. When young girl was around 8 years old a huge amount of experiments were made with her. Also a lot with other children aswell. One of experiments made on her was implanting the gormogon's eyes to her. It was a success tough the power of the ability was weakened and it couldn't turn anyone to stone, just paralyze. Also her body wouldn't burn when exposed to sunlight which should be one of vampire's weaknesses. During the time she had spent on the island they taught her Blood Magic, a very rare type of magic that allows her to manipulate her own blood.

The time children had to spend on the island was horror. After spending 2 more years there her body couldn't take it anymore. During that time a kid at her age was brought there. He was rather special who could use very rare magic. He started planning an escape plan, trying to help all the kids escape. One day, when Nemui was 11 years old they started rebelling. The kids there were very strong, a lot of them leaving Nemui to shadow. The rebellion was a success and kids were able to escape using a boat, a lot of them were left behind tough.

After that she separated from other kids, starting to live on her own. Over the years she had became very lazy person, sleeping over 3/4th of the day. She got her food from animal's blood so she had no trouble surviving. Sometimes it was little difficult as people tried to hunt her down and sell her, but she managed to escape every time. The years passed very quickly because she was sleeping most of the time. Until now she doesn't remember any time she had spent with his father nor mother, she can't even remember her family name so he chose one herself.

Knife [D]

Stats - 63
Strength: 5
Accuracy: 5
Stamina: 10
Speed: 23
Magic: 10 (20)

Stat Points Earned: 0/18
Scales Earned 2,000,000/2,000,000

June Event - 10 Stat Points & 1,500,000 Scales

Some Vandalism is Good for the Heart - 8 SP & 400,000 Scales

Magic Name: Blood Lust
Magic Tier: 1
Magic Type: Blood Manipulation
Rank: 2
Magic Description: Blood Lust is magic that allows to manipulate ones blood which is mostly used by vampires. It is very rare magic, Nemui is one of very few people who are able to use it. The user of this magic can only manipulate blood which is enchanted with users magic powers. The enchanting is pretty simple, first the user drinks the blood, then enchanting it inside her, so even strangers blood can be used to use this magic if it is drunken before. It can be manipulated from any range tough even if user's blood drop should be hundreds of meters away. The user of this magic can even expand her blood, it takes some time tough. A skilled one is able to create a sword out of one blood drop, expanding it before. All techniques require blood in the first place tough. Moving back to the basics of this magic, it allows to manipulate blood, also hardening and softening it when needed. The basic would be just moving blood in mid air, later creating needles, spikes and things like that out of them, then swords to even more advanced..
Techniques: (3/3)

Blood Manipulate - (2)
Type: Hybrid
Range: All Ranges
Effect: This technique allows Nemui to manipulate blood, making it possible for her to move it in mid air. Currently the blood moves pretty slowly. She mostly uses this technique to also pull blood out from her body. This is also the basics of expanding blood, currently she can only expand very little blood, able to make a thin spikes out of one drop but as the power level of this technique increases the expanding abilities also increase. This is also used to harden blood, just like with expanding it the hardening is very hard at first. When concentrating enough she is able to form it into small things which are pretty weak tough. She can manipulate blood even when it should be inside a metal box, or human for example.

Blood Spike - (2)
Type: Offensive
Range: 26 meters
Effect: By using blood manipulation Nemui can form her blood into spikes, hurting the enemy. As blood manipulation gets better so does this technique from time to time. With this technique Nemui can create blood spikes from certain range, will it be on the ground, in the air, inside a person it doesn't matter. She must use blood enchanted with her magic tough.


House: N/A
Companion: N/A

Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btKCz2VmCTE

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PostSubject: Re: Nemui Kyuuketsuki [DELETED]   Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:25 pm

Don't put your hopes in Eye Petrification Magic... I want to see it before so could you PM it to me right now... I won't approve it before because maybe you must change your character little then.

I don't see nothing other being wrong, maybe it is just because I have been up little too long... Anyways Nice Application, just PM me the Eye Magic.

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PostSubject: Re: Nemui Kyuuketsuki [DELETED]   Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:59 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Nemui Kyuuketsuki [DELETED]   

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Nemui Kyuuketsuki [DELETED]
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