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PostSubject: Towns/Villages   Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:19 pm

Quote :
Name: Sampagui Village

Location: [Admin's Choice]

Description: Sampaguitown is more of a village than a town. People who go into the village will find it that this place is a simple village where you can relax. It is a small agricultural village that focuses on farming as their main way of living. The village prospers from exporting their harvest to other towns, villages and even cities. People here don’t need much magic or luxury, so they don't sell any magical items. They however sell some food and some general products. The houses here are all made up of straw and woods. People here are simple and hardworking; you will see the men working on the fields plowing it every day. People here are hospitable people who accepts any visitors and strangers into their home.

Worth Seeing places: You are going to write a briefing right, so I suggest you to remove this thing as it isn't needed for briefing.

Quote :
Name: Kalachuchi Village

Location: West Continent

Description: Kalachuchi Village is a dark and gloomy village with very little light, this may be because it is located in the woods right near a swamp. The village is always dark that no sunlight ever passes through the large tree. The only light that laminates the village are the torches at the street and the fireflies. The structures here are made up of old wood and the ground is full of moss due to it being near a swamp. Right beside the village lies a vast area of graveyard, might be larger than the village.

The people here usually weak and frail that they sometimes succumb to sickness and diseases which results in death, this explains the vast are of the graveyard in the village. Even though the villagers have weak constitution, they have gotten used to the way of life that even a death of a family member is normal to them.

Quote :

Name: Makahiya Village

Location: North Continent

Description: Makahiya Village is a very weird village that resides in the North Continent. Some of the structures here are in ruins and abandoned and those that are still standing are either all worn down or badly damage. When people visit the place you won’t be seeing any signs of life, even though there are people in the village. The villagers are usually hiding in their homes or underground in their hiding spot. The reason for this unusual behavior of the people is because the Village is always attacked and targeted by bandits, dark guilds or wild snow animals.

In the past, Makahiya Village is a prosperous village who welcomes visitors and strangers. Until they got some extreme misfortune as bandits and dark guild attacked their village. They manage to survive the ordeal but they kept on getting attacked. Until they learn not to trust any visitors or strangers, now whenever visitors come near their village they hide from them until they leave.

Quote :

Name: Lotus Town

Location: East Continent

Description: Lotus is actually a huge town, set in a valley at the mouth of the sea. A river, the Osiris, runs from the east, through the town to empty itself in the sea. Lotus is situated in a rocky desert flanked by two great mountains, with barren earth except for the soils on the banks of the Osiris river. Farming is done along the banks of the Osiris, and the canals in the town. Mining is carried out in the gold-rich mountains that bracket the town. The people of Lotus are apparent newcomers from across the sea, a beautiful folk with skin tanned dark by the sun, raven-black hair, and blue, green or violet eyes. Of note are the blue tattoos they sport on their usually well-proportioned bodies. The people of Lotus are a peaceful and hospitable people, with an undying and industrious spirit, mirrored by the harsh terrain in which they live and the adaptations they have made to stay comfortable in it.

The town of Lotus itself is a sight to behold. It is a perfect circle, with beautiful symmetry in the way of building locations. The river Osiris has been widened and cut to run in a straight line from the Eastern Rivergate, through the center of the town and out into the Western Seagate. At the center of the town is the palace, which means that the Osiris flows through the palace. In the palace and through out the town are canals cut to utilize the water of the Osiris, and the canals are cut in concentric rings spanning out from the palace. The palace is the most beautiful and largest of all the buildings in Lotus, and it has a stone atop it which stores solar energy and glows like a beacon at night. It is the Sunstone, the Pride of Lotus.

The people are farmers, miners and traders, but the town has a large sized army, with the priests and kings at the top of the government.

Quote :
Name: Needles Tengu's Lair

Location: East Continent

Description: A small set of hills and caves are the home to Tengu’s. They are fearsome masked monsters that live away from humans. The despise humans and will kill any that draw near. They not only have powerful weapons, but magic of their very own. The average Tengu is as strong as a B-class mage and their toughest warriors are stronger than even S-class mages. They are a force to be reckoned with. However, should anyone even get on the Tengu’s good sides, they would have access to their impression magic weapons and items that they don’t even left humans live to acknowledge. Much of their culture and traditions are a mystery. But this much is known, an encounter with them will be fatal 99% of the time.

Just a little note, some of them are taken from another site where I have been role playing.
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PostSubject: Re: Towns/Villages   Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:16 pm

Hmm... You got a point in Worth Seeing Places so I removed it.

All places are [A]pproved.

Next time put each Town/Village/Island in separated Topic.

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