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 Anderson (Mebu), Aetas

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PostSubject: Anderson (Mebu), Aetas   Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:11 pm

Account Name: Aetas

Name: Aetas Anderson (Mebu)
Nickname: Aeta, or Princess (one that she hates)
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110lbs.
Reputation: 0
Class: D
Affiliation: Neutral

Physical Description: Aetas has a slim figure with a tan like skin. Although, her skin does look pale like. She has short, brown mixed with natural blond highlights. Her eyes though, are a deep chocolate brown colour that seems to hold warmth that makes every body think that she is harmless. Aetas, seems to have a strange looking tattoo, OR scar under hr left eye. Aetas, nor does anyone else know if its a tattoo or scar.
Clothing: Aetas wears an almost Victorian style of shirt that women would use to make them look skinny. Showing most skin of her stomach, lower back and upper chest. One of her straps has an almost frill like cloth, while another strap as black silk like a sleeve, with white designing about the lower part. Aetas wears very, short almost leather and silk like shorts along with a belt. Attached to the belt, is white silk with black designs around the lower parts of it. Aetas wears a black glove that goes up to her elbow, the top part of the glove having metal platting. Aetas will sometimes wear leather boots that go up to her knees, or walk in bear feet.

Personality Aetas is a level-headed person with kind intentions. Her soft heart always make her fall for anything that she finds has not been treated quite right. She believes that everything should be given a second chance. Even if they were once evil. Although, even though that Aetas was a kind person - she has an ill - temper. Certain things can easily make the girl angered. But other topics may slowly have her anger filled (which is when you wish she was quickly angered) or that it slowly breaks her down inside. Aetas is very emotional when it comes to topics, as one of her father's death, or her mother's death. There is though, a side of Aetas that people hardly see. The side of her is very loving that she would only show to the true person she loved, or to very close family members.

Aetas had been fairly young, going from the age of two, soon to be three years of age. She was known to be the second to youngest, or considered the youngest since she was a girl out of her brothers. When Aetas was turning three years old. Her parents split up. Her mother had taken Aetas with her, while her father took her older brothers away from her.

Years later, Aetas was living under the name of 'Aetas Anderson'. Her mother thought it would be better if she and her daughter start over with a new name and life. But this didn't stop Aetas from finding things out about her other half (meaning her father, parent wise). She was quite surprised to find about him. Supposedly - he was a great mercenary. Something in, made her want to become just like him.

So one day, Aetas told her mother farewell , that she was leaving to 'find herself.' Her mother believed her, giving her daughter her once old sword. Aetas seemed very surprised by what her mother gave her. but accepted the gift. She then traveled to a small town where she had found a man that once worked along with her father , in the golden days. Aetas begged for him to train her with a sword.

The man agreed to train her, with only a few months. Aetas was stronger then before. Her master had even said that she may be better then her father, and her. (Referring to her mother). Although, one day when Aetas was coming back from the market (they lived out in a more forest area) she came back to the very home like cabin - to find the front door wide open.

Aetas was very worried about this, her master never had done this before. Aetas had walked into the first part of the home. The small like living room. The pictures that had been there , had been thrown to the floor, the windows had been broken. Everything in that first part of the home had been ruined. She could feel nausea build up inside. But, she continued to walk threw the house - each room getting worse and worse.

Finally, when Aetas had gotten to the bedroom, her master's bed room. She found him on his bed; a deep wound to the throat, nearly cutting it clean off, on part of his leg was thrown to the corner of the room, she was able to see his stomach as it was cut open wide. A knife threw his heart.

Aetas was very frightened to be seeing this. She wanted to scream, but knew she couldn't. When she looked to the side of the room, on the wall said:

"You are more then your mother, lesser then your father. Live and love while you still can, because - I will come for what is mine."

Aetas didn't seem to quite understand what the saying was. Though, the same day Aetas buried her master in front of a crystal clear lake. Where they'd both go after a long training. Aetas had seemed to disappear from the world after that event. Though, now Aetas has returned trying to find who killed her master, and new information about her mother's, and father's deaths.

Weaponry (See picture for sword). Aetas uses the sword that her mother had given her on the last day that she had seen her daughter leave. The sword seems to be made of some type of substance that makes the blade hard to break.
Rank: C

Stats - 45
Strength: 10
Accuracy: 10
Stamina: 15
Speed: 10
Magic: 0

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Scales Earned 100,000/100,000



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PostSubject: Re: Anderson (Mebu), Aetas   Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:57 am


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Anderson (Mebu), Aetas
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